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RaptorAI Multi-Purpose AI

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RaptorAI 2.0 coming soon!

Check out development status here

What is RaptorAI?

RaptorAI is a multi-purpose AI engine designed for the Unity game engine. RaptorAI makes it really easy to create the AI you are looking for and you can use it to create any kind of AI. For more detailed information check out the dedicated RaptorAI page. This is some of the features included in the package:


Senses let your AI analyze its surroundings and detect objects and other AI. They are really powerful and important to create a more realistic AI experience for the player. The most powerful sense is most definitely the visual sense which gives your AI eyes! The visual sense includes basic detection methods in addition to more advanced detection methods with customizable line-of-sight detection.

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Complex Waypoint Systems

RaptorAI comes with a fully functional advanced waypoint system which lets you create any kind of waypoint system and not only patrol routes! It uses the BFS algotihm and this way you can have multiple connections to each waypoint. You can calculate each possible waypoint route to a target waypoint, but also find the shortest route really easily.

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Extremely Flexible

The entire engine is written in C# and is object oriented. This means that it is as flexible as possible and you can even create your own senses and navigators if you want to!


RaptorAI 1


RaptorAI 2

RaptorAI 2 is currently under development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called RaptorAI?

It is called RaptorAI simply because I thought the name was cool and it fits with the name FlamingRaptor as well. That is really the only reason why I named it RaptorAI :)