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RaptorAI Multi-Purpose AI

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What is RaptorAI?

RaptorAI Multi-Purpose AI (RAMPA), also known as RaptorAI 2, is an artificial intelligence engine that simplifies the process of creating AI for your game. The system is built with flexibility and customizability in mind and can therefore be used for a variety of different purposes. It is centred around AI agents that use states, behaviour trees or a mixture of both along with navigators and senses (sensors) in order to create a complete AI experience. This is what defines a multi-purpose AI engine.

Included in the package:

Finite State Machine that uses states (C# scripts) to control AI behaviour.

Behaviour Tree System for visual scripting using behaviour trees to control AI behaviour. Easily debug behaviour trees by replaying ticks and using the Debug node.

2 Navigators: Navmesh Navigator for using unity's built-in navmesh system and Astar Navigator for using Aron Granberg's A* Pathfinding Pro. Switching between navigators require no changes in existing states or behaviour trees. Simply change navigator with the click of a button!

4 Senses (sensors): Visual Sense for detecting Visual Objects with line-of-sight functionality, Audio Sense for detecting sounds like footsteps and Scent Sense for detecting "smells" if you are making animal AI or something similar. In addition to this, there is a Fast Camera sense that's faster than visual sense for detecting objects (with line-of-sight as well).

Simple or Advanced Waypoint systems that can be used for anything from simple patrol routes to complex maze systems. Caching is possible for advanced systems to avoid expensive re-calculations.

Animation Profiles for mecanim that sets various mecanim variable values to support AI animation.

Auto Slope Module that automatically rotates agent to match terrain slope. Supports both terrain data and raycast mode for calculating normal.

AI Memory and AI Database for storing values for easy retrieval. These values can be inspected during runtime and traced to find the script that added the value which results in extensive debugging capabilities.

Extremely flexible as you can create your own navigators, senses / objects, behaviour tree nodes, modules and presets!

Platform independent: Not tested on other platforms than Windows, but the engine is built upon Unity's engine and pure C# code, so it should support all platforms unity supports. Contact me if it doesn't.

Presets that contain functions that let's you do calculations and speed up development.

AI Tags that can be used as an alternative to the unity tag system.

Full source code included along with summaries, tooltips and several example scenes. Full documentation is of course also provided.

Basic Group System that lets you define groups and attitudes towards other groups. Currently only limited support for this.

Contact me if you have any questions.


RaptorAI 1

v1.3+ [PDF]

RaptorAI 2

v2.0 [PDF]

v2.0.1 [PDF]

v2.1 [PDF]

v2.1.1 [PDF]

v2.2 [PDF]


RaptorAI Changelog [PDF]